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My Introduction


Setting up a website/blog was not something I wanted to do, especially considering how many thousands already exist. However, I’ve written a novel that I hope will someday be published, and my writer friends told me a blog was necessary. The neat thing is that I’ve found a lot more positive possibilities than I expected. For more than twenty years, I’ve taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in Dallas Baptist University’s Intensive English Program as well as Bible studies for international students. At least a few of the hundreds of ideas and lessons are bound to be useful to others, so here’s my chance to share.

Now for a little more about me . . .

  • I’m Elizabeth Ann, but my friends call me Ann. Although we may not have met in person, I’d like to call you a friend, so please call me Ann.
  • I’ve been married to Dale for 44 years (he robbed the cradle), and we have two grown children and three grandsons.
  • My parents took me to church, but I didn’t become a true Christian until my freshman year at the University of Colorado.  I graduated from CU, earned my Masters from East Texas State University (now a branch of Texas A&M), and completed my ESL certification at the University of Texas, Dallas. I’m not really into sports, so the conflicting loyalties aren’t a big issue.
  • I’m an active member of a Baptist church in Grand Prairie, Texas.
  • I met and married Dale in Japan, but that’s another story.
  • I led teams of DBU students to teach summer English camps in Taiwan, China, and South Korea from 1996-2007—wonderful experiences! I still love to learn all I can about the Far East and to taste the cuisine. However, I cheat when I “cook” and buy frozen pot stickers and fully-cooked teriyaki chicken. The students who visit my home happily devour the food any way.
  • My favorite activities, besides family time and teaching, are revising my novel an astronomical number of times and reading. Favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Sound of Music, and Pride and Prejudice, and I can’t help being fascinated by Downton Abbey.
  • Above all, I seek to grow closer to God, knowing I have a long way to go. I will be eternally thankful to Jesus Christ for his death on the cross and the gift of eternal life!



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