Bridge for Faith

Explorations in Acts

When we take a journey, we want to follow an accurate map and guidebook that present facts, not hearsay. Let’s take a look at whether the Book of Acts in the Bible’s New Testament gives trustworthy information for our life’s journey. Can Acts serve as a bridge to eternal truths?

First, which of the following are good sources of truth?

a. Our culture’s beliefs                        d. logic (A=B, B=C, therefore A=C)

b. scientific experiments                     e. carefully researched history

c. personal feelings                              f. confirmed personal experiences by more than one person

You probably agree that b, d, e, and f are the best sources, but sometimes people base their lives on their culture’s beliefs and their feelings without first searching for the truth. How sad it would be to come to the end of life’s journey and discover that we’ve had a faulty GPS to guide us.

As we journey through Acts, we’ll find more than enough evidence that it is an excellent source of truth. Luke wrote in the manner of an investigative historian, and he  relied on eyewitness testimony. Equally important, we’ll see how God touched lives in the first century and how He can touch our own.

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