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Is Halloween a pagan holiday? Should Christians celebrate it? I admit my October 31 birthday makes me partial to the day. I grew up enjoying some memorable birthday parties. And as an adult, I often joke about being “bewitching” when someone remarks on the date. But those two questions caught my interest, and finding good […]

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A Thoroughly Disguised Blessing

Two weeks ago, I had an annoying trial that turned into a blessing. I bet you’ve had those, too. Here’s how it started, ever so innocently. Our oldest grandson had expressed interest in an eventual job with computers. My husband and I thought a one-week computer camp on 3-D animation, sponsored by the University of […]

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My favorite flower, daffodils, are in full bloom here in North Texas. Lots of people like daffodils because they are harbingers of spring and the release from winter’s cold grip. However, my love of daffodils began years ago in a high school English literature class, partly due to a terribly boring series of essays we’d […]

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Jiggy and Jonah

Three weeks ago, we lost our “grandpuppy,” an adorable, “rescued” Pomeranian. Our broken-hearted daughter had to have Jiggy euthanized because of a painful, incurable condition. After some tears, I lay awake that night, mulling over nature’s food chain and all the sad succession of death in animals. I finally told the Lord I’d trust Him […]

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Vocabulary Clue Game

This post is especially for English as a Second Language students, but some of you Americans who like puzzles might like to play this vocabulary game, too. The vocabulary words are from the ESL activities in Acts 1, Acts 2, Acts 2:29-41, and Acts 3. You may want to scan those lessons before playing this […]

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A Scam and Intelligent Design

A bizarre phone call I got last week ended up in a surprising manner. Here it is as best as I recall. “Hello, Grandmama. This is your oldest granddaughter,” my caller said. I responded, “Oh, and what is your name?” Since I don’t have a granddaughter, I knew this could be an interesting conversation. “You […]

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