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The Great Wall of China

A memory I cherish from traveling in the Far East is my first visit to the Great Wall of China in 2004. I had naively assumed that the section our team planned to visit near Beijing was on level ground. After all, Beijing was level. What a shock to find that it was way up […]

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An Interesting Japanese Song

Note: Chihiro, a Dallas Baptist University student, is the guest writer for this post. I asked students in one of my classes to analyze a favorite secular song and compare its worldview with that of the Christian praise song “Because He Lives” by Bill and Gloria Gaither. Chihiro chose a melodious Japanese song called “Eiko […]

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Haiku—Interactive Poems

Poetry, especially the Japanese haiku, reminds me of interactive games and media. Listening to haiku and creating the poems can be a lot of fun, or they can give you a kind of calm melancholy, depending on the mood you bring to them. The haiku, made up of a set number of syllables, forms a […]

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Korean Proverbs

Many thanks to my good friend, June Jun, for suggesting these proverbs and providing their meanings. 1. A bird listens to what you are saying at day, and a mouse listens to what you are saying at night. —We shouldn’t gossip or spill a secret since it can be overheard, and it can be spread even […]

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Japanese Proverbs

After lunch last Sunday, our guests entertained us with more proverbs from the Far East. (See the fifteen Chinese proverbs in a previous post.) Here are the insightful Japanese proverbs they shared. Even monkeys fall from trees. Unless you go inside the cave, you can’t catch the tiger. Time, like light and shadow, flies like […]

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A Collection of Chinese Proverbs

In 2002, I was privileged to lead a team of students from Dallas Baptist University in teaching an English seminar in Beijing, China. One day I asked the seminar’s Chinese participants to share some of their country’s proverbs, and these are the fifteen delightful words of wisdom that they shared. Among the blind, the one-eyed […]

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