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Pondering Time

A friend left a comment on my last post: “God’s time is endless but human beings are limited. How shouldn’t time control me? How do we catch God’s schedule?” Really good questions! Here are some thoughts on the subject. See what you think. First, a parable that has always intrigued me is in Matthew 20:1-16. […]

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Blessed, Not Stressed

When I started this website, I borrowed WordPress for Dummies from the library. I promptly found that I knew less than the “dummies” when it came to building a website. Sometimes I’d puzzle for hours over a way to do something. However, when I’d finally remember to pray, —I kid you not— the solution would […]

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Procrastination and Moses

Think about reasons that people procrastinate. We all have tasks that we want to delay doing. Moses didn’t procrastinate, but he was reluctant to go on God’s mission. His reluctance helps me see why I sometimes procrastinate in doing important things. Scripture passages are from the NIV Bible. See the copyright information at the end […]

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