Bridge for Faith

My Experience with Doubt

Do you ever have serious doubts about God? Do you sometimes question if He even exists? Before I became a Christian in college, I never had doubts like that. Since God was irrelevant to my daily life, I was comfortable leaving the topic alone.

All that changed when I was studying at the University of Colorado. I had accepted Christ as my Savior in my freshman year and had experienced an unexpected transformation: a new desire to reach out to people, a better grasp of Scripture, answers to very specific prayers. Because I wanted to know more about the Bible, I took two courses in biblical studies that summer at a nearby denominational college. What I didn’t know was that the professors and the textbooks they’d chosen for the courses would undermine my faith.

Naively, I thought all textbooks contained well-researched, fact-based material. I assumed the professors would share insights to strengthen my walk as a Christian.


Those courses planted seeds of doubt. My Christian fellowship and Bible study kept those seeds in check until I lived a few years in Japan as a missionary and English teacher. The deep-seated skepticism held by my very likeable students fertilized the seeds.

The good news, however, is that the evidence I found in my search for answers gave me a strong foundation for belief. Perhaps you, or a friend of yours, wants to discover a stronger foundation too. Join me together at this site, and let’s examine evidence together that can enable us to cross the bridge from doubt to stronger faith. Nothing could be more exciting than gaining the assurance that we have a Creator who really exists and loves us!

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