Bridge for Faith


Is Halloween a pagan holiday? Should Christians celebrate it? I admit my October 31 birthday makes me partial to the day. I grew up enjoying some memorable birthday parties. And as an adult, I often joke about being “bewitching” when someone remarks on the date. But those two questions caught my interest, and finding good […]

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The Powerful Lion

Isn’t Spurgeon’s quote great? When a fiery dart of doubt strikes, I turn to the Bible so God Himself can remove it. It’s the Holy Spirit’s instrument of choice. Think of how even Jesus used the Scriptures to strengthen John the Baptist’s faith. John, no wimp of a Believer but stuck in prison, entertained a […]

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A Thoroughly Disguised Blessing

Two weeks ago, I had an annoying trial that turned into a blessing. I bet you’ve had those, too. Here’s how it started, ever so innocently. Our oldest grandson had expressed interest in an eventual job with computers. My husband and I thought a one-week computer camp on 3-D animation, sponsored by the University of […]

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My favorite flower, daffodils, are in full bloom here in North Texas. Lots of people like daffodils because they are harbingers of spring and the release from winter’s cold grip. However, my love of daffodils began years ago in a high school English literature class, partly due to a terribly boring series of essays we’d […]

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Jiggy and Jonah

Three weeks ago, we lost our “grandpuppy,” an adorable, “rescued” Pomeranian. Our broken-hearted daughter had to have Jiggy euthanized because of a painful, incurable condition. After some tears, I lay awake that night, mulling over nature’s food chain and all the sad succession of death in animals. I finally told the Lord I’d trust Him […]

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The Great Wall of China

A memory I cherish from traveling in the Far East is my first visit to the Great Wall of China in 2004. I had naively assumed that the section our team planned to visit near Beijing was on level ground. After all, Beijing was level. What a shock to find that it was way up […]

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Pondering Time

A friend left a comment on my last post: “God’s time is endless but human beings are limited. How shouldn’t time control me? How do we catch God’s schedule?” Really good questions! Here are some thoughts on the subject. See what you think. First, a parable that has always intrigued me is in Matthew 20:1-16. […]

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Blessed, Not Stressed

When I started this website, I borrowed WordPress for Dummies from the library. I promptly found that I knew less than the “dummies” when it came to building a website. Sometimes I’d puzzle for hours over a way to do something. However, when I’d finally remember to pray, —I kid you not— the solution would […]

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An Interesting Japanese Song

Note: Chihiro, a Dallas Baptist University student, is the guest writer for this post. I asked students in one of my classes to analyze a favorite secular song and compare its worldview with that of the Christian praise song “Because He Lives” by Bill and Gloria Gaither. Chihiro chose a melodious Japanese song called “Eiko […]

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